About us

Who we are

Columbi Farms aims to provide the world with a circular and efficient food production platform. Our solution can yield up to nine kilograms of edible greens for every kilogram of salmon produced, simply by reusing valuable nutrients from fish farms.

Our story

Columbi Farms was founded in 2020 with the Refsnes family as main owners. The Refsnes family are Norwegian salmon industry veterans who identified a need for food production with an improved environmental footprint.

The team behind Columbi Farms is driven by a passion to combine aquaculture and agriculture into a complete ecosystem. Ultimately, the aim is to develop a sustainable food production platform for the future.

Together with frontrunners in the Norwegian research cluster, Columbi Farms has carried out research projects and identified several synergies between aquaculture and agriculture.

Columbi Farms is now in the process of conceptualizing a vegetable farm in which food can be produced in a sustainable manner, while contributing to local jobs and a better quality of life in the communities in which we are present.

Sustainable to the core

According to projections, there will be close to 10 billion people to be feed in the world by 2050. In order to feed the growing population, we need to significantly increase the food production volume in the years to come.

By tailoring aquaculture nutrients and resources which are typically wasted in ordinary aquaculture production, Columbi Farms can significantly improve production yields and resource utilization compared to traditional open field production.

Climate change and rapidly growing cities are putting pressure on land and water resources, forcing both consumers and producers to rethink the way that our food is produced.

Columbi Farms seeks to incorporate sustainability in everything that we do. We want to share information, knowledge and experience, and be transparent in the development of our solutions. We believe that it is not only possible – but necessary – to combine an open approach to research and development with operating a profitable business.

Making healthy, honest and environmentally friendly food available to everyone is an important step towards a better future for current and future generations.

Columbi Farms’ products

Columbi Farms produces different varieties of leafy greens, herbs and vegetables depending on what our customers want. The vegetable farms can produce good quality food products and provide steady delivery all year around.